Walking past

a raw juice bar

called Naked Lunch.


Digging the reference

to Old Bull Lee

I take a peak in the window.


There’s a picture

of Edward de Grazia

hanging on a pillar

in the middle of the room.


They offer a juice
that was aged in bourbon barrels

available on drought.


Barrel aged raw juice

and a nod 

to a 1st Amendment warrior—


I promise myself

I have to return 

when I have time 

to go in and indulge.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Naked Lunch is an attachment to Mom's Organic Market and they have nice decor

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allets's picture

Sounds Good

Bourbon barrels - way to go! :D

Lady A

georgeschaefer's picture

Old Bull Lee himself couldn't

Old Bull Lee himself couldn't have done it better.  thanks for reading

burkej1h's picture

Excellent forté

Excellent forté

georgeschaefer's picture

thank you kindly

thank you kindly