We always have 

those moments;

those tragedies

narrowly averted

by the skin of our teeth


my water fountain

slowly dripping water

onto perforated spoons

sans sugar cubes


social disaster imminent

but for a quick dash

to the supermarket


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I learned to prepare absinthe proper while in Prague.  A Jade Goddess named Hannah schooled me in the art.  More on that later--assuming I find the folder.

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A Life Absent Absinthe

I avoid that kind of drink. It has been good, I'm sure, for my liver. - :D slc



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I have heard that abstaining

I have heard that abstaining is good for you.

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Once, a man made me a drink of absynth. Then he said a bunch of things that messed with my head and heart. Then his predictions all began to unfold. Its been a strange life ever since. I'm sure it wasnt just the absynth. But dang. Lefe has been strange!

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The Green Fairie is enticing

The Green Fairie is enticing but she can be quite unforgiving.