Going over my stuff

& reading the paper work

on my new debit card


and it’s telling me

that I need to remember

my PIN number

and I’m thinking, “Oh shit!

I don’t remember mine!”


And then I remembered

where I got it from

and why I chose 

the numbers that I did


they tell you

that you should never

let anyone know

your PIN number

don’t even write it down

on a piece of paper


Hell, that might not

be so easy

to keep such a secret


anyone who ever reads

Joseph Campbell’s book

The Power of Myth

will be able to easily

figure out my number


but no one

would ever bother

It’s too difficult

so I’ll laugh at the bank

and let it pass


easy enough to figure

but for the honest

effort of it.


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I Get A New Debit Card

and put it in a box. I never use it. Can't remember the 4 number. I call it automatic savings.



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they are a royal pain in the

they are a royal pain in the ass