I met her

in a train station


She was on her way 

to the U of Penn

where she was majoring

in English Lit


I was heading for

the old Civic Center

for a wrestling card.


so for her

it was Pound vs. Eliot


for me 

it was Abdullah the Butcher

vs. the Original Sheik


I guess that’s why

We hit it off:

we were both

getting ready for fights


mine physical

hers intellectual


but sometimes 

a good fight

can be quite stimulating


and with her

I felt stimulation

would be

a very good thing


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I found this typewritten poem.  Based on the reference to the wrestling match, I'm guessing around 1993.

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The Sheik

I watched the original with my grandfather when I was a kid. Amazing memory - slc




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I suppose there were several

I suppose there were several "original" Sheiks in the wrestling world

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this was fun. thanks for

this was fun. thanks for sharing 

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thank for reading.  Glad you

thank for reading.  Glad you liked it

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Hello Mr Bu

How the hell are you? What is this friends thing about? Is it like friends with benefits? haha Sorry I don't go that way.

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There's no real benefits as

There's no real benefits as far as I know.  It's just a camaderie type of thing.  I'm thankful for the no benefits, though.  I have too many friends.  I wouldn't have enough energy to provide benefits for all of them.

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Reply to you

Hi. Thanks for the info. I'd tell you regarding having enoough energy, isn't that what the little blue pill is for? haha Anyway, you have a good evening