One of the common incidents

at concerts

is young ladies not wanting

to wait in line

for the women’s room

so they use the men’s room


Most guys don’t seem to care

although I’ve always wondered

how women would feel

if I snuck into their room


but these bold young lasses

don’t always get away with it


At the River Blues Festival

at Penn’s Landing

there was a young lady

(about 20,21, I guess)

Who got caught


A fearless security guard

actually came into the Men’s Room

to track her down.


He made her leave

and get into the long line

for the women’s room


Thank God

this security guard was there

to save the day

and preserve the sanctity

of the men’s room

from this wanton invasion.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Back in those wild and crazy days when River Blues and Jambalaya Jam festivals were held at Philly's Penn's Landing right off the scenic Delaware River.

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I will use a mens room if I

I will use a mens room if I must... I have many times 

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you have my sympathy.  We're

you have my sympathy.  We're not very neat.

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It Was The Delaware River Water

that made them act like that. There was a report a while back. Wild and crazy days - slc



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The Schuylkill River has

The Schuylkill River has better water