English ale

in a student/faculty bar

at the U. of Penn

with the Doors’ “The End”

cranked on the P.A.


thoughts of Satre

& Genet & Camus

dart through my mind

in an odd existential moment


I have no reason

for being here

but somehow I fit

with my poetic consciousness

filtering thru my speech


Don’t belong here

at the university from which

I should have gotten my degree


and I sense the history

of the building 

and of the school

like a dead poet’s society


and ideas for cinema

of the absurd

drift through my mind

in whimsical fancy.


Somehow, a poet

with time to kill

ends up here for a beer

and a chance

to burn some time


and the music continues

to flow through

the bitterness of the ale

and I just listen


Strange days indeed

have happened

and each day offers

some level of chance

for interesting events

however slight.






Author's Notes/Comments: 

written while enjoying a brew and preparing for a poetry reading on the campus.

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We Live In Intersting Times

I don't miss public readings. Yesterday I considered it and ended up shivering in stress releated fear disorder. It has been decades. The chance of spectacular events happening at any moment is what we live inside now. Cool write - brought back a memory or two. - slc



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I still enjoy reading

I still enjoy reading publicly.  Most of my material works better in the spoken word context.  thanks for commenting.