a Nietzsche quote

a day keeps  

morons at bay    


As it were  

most of my conflicts  

were with myself     


Ooh, I'm drinking Kombucha.  

When did I start  

giving a fuck about hipness?    



“And very thorough”  

as Maude Lebowski  

would say 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Senyru from the March online edition of Failed Haiku:

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I Looked Up Failed Haiku

What a hoot. Bravo reference - also found "yo mama jokes" online, lost most of the afternoon. ; slc



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I'm still trying to work a

I'm still trying to work a "Yo Mama" joke into one of my poems.  Senyru seems like a good forum for it.

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The second one is certainly

The second one is certainly very, very profoundly wise.


[ * /+/ ^ ]

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thank you kindly, sir

thank you kindly, sir