It were a hot show

at the Fox Theatre

The scalpers were 

asking outrageous prices.


DeadHeads with

limited resources

unwilling or unable 

to bendand pay the price.


But the scalper 

got too greedy

flaunting the ducats

demanding king’s ransom


A police officer

caught the scalper 

& confiscated the tickets.


He sold the tickets

for a dollar apiece

& handed the money

to the scalper.


No one got arrested

Nobody got killed

As for injury

to the scalper


few, if any, 

tears were shed.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

based on a true story.  The names weren't changed to protect the guilty or innocent.  I wasn't diligent enough to learn them.

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No Need To Arrest

A buck a ticket. That's a hoot. Just psychologically and financially mess with 'em. Loved it! - slc



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kick 'em where it hurts,

kick 'em where it hurts, right?

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That's awesome. Enjoyed this story.

Copyright © morningglory

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thanks, it's fun remembering

thanks, it's fun remembering those days of yore.