Getting a bottle

of Grand Mernier

for a Christmas gift


& my memory

immediately jolted back

to 11 years ago

when I got drunk

on Grand Mernier

and threw up.


It was a pretty

intense, drunken night

that one was.


And the sudden jolt

of expectoration unplanned

is intense memory

as I flash back

to those young, wild nights


That was back

when you thought

you were king;

the lion in the jungle


And each evening

possessed a certain air

of possibility

in the knowledge

that anything was possible.


but now you’re older

& much, much wiser

and I’m sure I’ll be

a little more judicious

in my consumption now


but the immediate feeling

of illness was numbe

by the memory of the taste


Yeah, it was

some really awesome shit;

great tast and nice kick


Of course, I don’t

abuse it anymore

but occasionally 

a good kick in the ass

really hits the spot


(hope you’re not offended

by long, pointless, meandering jams.)


and nowadays

one kick a night

seems to be

all that I can stand


I guess the Rimbaud thing

should be beginning

to wane about now.


and another day lapse

and I move further

and further away

from the past


and navigate new wisdoms

that I didn’t once have

at any previous point

in this game


Moderation can be fun

once in awhile

just don’t tell Bill Blake

I told you so.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

printed in one of my unpublished self published chapbooks for the early days of the new millennia.

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Hey fuche_bu

"...I move further 

and further away

from the past...

I really like this way of using a calendar - nice line! slc




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thanks, it's easy when you

thanks, it's easy when you lose track of time