it is 

all my fault

& I screw things up

eyes wide open.


I make the mistakes

with full awareness

in a robotic fashion


I feel anger

but know it was me

but this time

it actually was her


& for once

I can hold my head up;

look in the mirror

 and tell myself

“You’re off the hook

you old bastard.”


I phone at the right times

I texted sweet nothings

and wrote tankas & cheritas


I didn’t get the words

warbled in my throat

and tried to see it 

through her eyes


but still she pushed me away

and gave up something 

we both wanted.


& for once

I feel fully vindicated.





Author's Notes/Comments: 

It usually is my fault so I have to gloat and celebrate on the rare occasions that it's not my fault.

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You did it right! - :D 



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It's so rare that I'm right

It's so rare that I'm right that I have to hold on tightly.