Enjoying the tartness 

of a Cantillion Kriek

& I remember touring the brewery

when I was in Brussels


It was interesting going through

the old building

& seeing the flat vats

where the airborne yeasts

instigated fermentation.


The Belgians are superstitious

And won’t disturb spider webs 

It lent a gothic touch to the tour.


I remember having to duck

under some spider webs.

Someone wondered

if the spiders or webs got into the beer

and seemed perturbed


but spiders are loaded with protein

so I am told.

Maybe that can be

a new advertising pitch:


Sell the Arachnid goodness

 of the brand—

a new trendy thing

and one more reason to drink.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

A good tart lambic can be quite the treat on a not so cool winter evening.

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There Is No Telling

What is in beer made in open vats? What's a mouse or two, some lice, a luckless squirrel? Sounds delicious. :D - slc



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They are good for an

They are good for an occasional change of pace.