We were in Grenada

and my friend insisted

there was a German restaurant

with good German beers

because he had a guide book.


We had a small map

with limited information

so we set out looking

for this mythical German place.


The street signs—

were non-existent—

or completely unhelpful.


We were walking through

barely paved roads

with a lot of brightly colored homes.


A brief conversation

with a local gentleman

yielded a single word

I understood:  “Cerado.”


So we never found

our German restaurant

but we did get

a self guided walking tour

through an authentic Nicaraguan barrio.


It was really nothing

To get excited about—

just some kids playing

 stickball in the street

and a few adults sitting on steps.


No one seemed to notice us

Or care that we were there

I could smell food cooking

and someone was drinking a Toná beer.


We gave up on our search

and found a different restaurant

very thirsty but no worse for wear

and learned from the owner

that we had come within 2 blocks 

of our initial destination.

It was in fact open

apparently just not for us.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another of my wacky misadventures in Central America.

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A German Restaurant

at the end of the world. 2 blocks! Sometimes you hit, sometimes...a german restaurant in S. America? Barrio is a great name, bye the bye. :D slc



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thanks for dropping by.

thanks for dropping by.