So now

it’s Sunday night

and facing

the inevitable Monday


It’s a bitter pill

and it fills me

with dread.


Weekend come

and gone crashing 

to a screeching halt

before we see it


work week ahead

painting its usual inanity

of senseless endeavor


and it keeps going

this wondrous society

in which we live


I don’t know about you

but the bomb

is beginning to look better

each and every day


and screwed up as we are

it’s really only just

a matter of time.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Must not have been in a very good mood when I wrote this one.  Humanity does inspire some complex emotions.

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You have described an

You have described an emotional process that ruined many weekends for me.  And the double meaning of  the last line is great!



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thank you for reading

thank you for reading

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task humans to embrace clean slate thinking as an exercise in mortality.



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Oh, how my faith is tested. 

Oh, how my faith is tested.  thanks for reading and commenting.