There was time to kill

since the next train

was at 5:38AM.


Fortunately, Manhattan

always offered options.

An all night diner

or a 4:00AM bar; 24 hour deli.


A favorite haunt back in the day

was the Jazz Cultural Theatre

on 8th Ave between 28th and 29th ST


They had a residency 

with legendary drummer Art Blakey

on Saturday night (Sunday morning:

from 3:00AM to 7:00AM


A legend for 15 bucks

and you could get drinks or breakfast

and pair it with jazz.


Eggs, Bloody Marys and Jazz

It was a blast.

A couple times

I even missed the 5:38

and had to catch the 6:38


I was young & insane

so it never phased me.

I was living on the edge

but it always seemed 

to provide its own rewards.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

a wonderful place with a short life back in the 80's


EGGS, BLOODY MARYS AND JAZZ – bathroomgraffiti

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allets's picture

U Tryin' 2 Tell Me

That now you are old and sane and nothing phases you? Uh huh! Cool write. Sharin' the life. Thank you 4 being there. - Lady A :D



georgeschaefer's picture

I'm old now but sane is still

I'm old now but sane is still in question.  thanks for dropping by.

lozzamus's picture

I like the imagery.

I like the imagery. Nostalgic.

georgeschaefer's picture

good times when I was young. 

good times when I was young.  thanks for reading.