Don’t take yourself

so fucking seriously—

you won’t get out alive


And don’t kid yourself—

We barely know you’re alive

We damn sure

won’t miss you when you’re gone.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

stop and smell the roses and sip the herbal tea one morning.

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Ground's picture

There's no roses around here. But tea? I got a cupfull.

Sometimes, I just wish they'd hurry up the process and be done with it. I'm tired of being tired of being tired. This is too stressful. 


(Only grateful to degrees. Help! This shit's killing me.)





© Ground

georgeschaefer's picture

a good herbal tea can provide

a good herbal tea can provide a nice, subtle fragrance.  thanks for reading.

allets's picture

Sounds Like

a bona-fide waste of skin and existence. Sad actually, to die and not be missed before you die. Sad.

Lady A


georgeschaefer's picture

Hope you didn't take this too

Hope you didn't take this too literally.  I was playing on people that are too self serious.  Also playing with the religious concept that we come from dust and then return to dust.  As always, thanks for your input.