Killing time at JFK

Impatiently waiting for flight

My flight is scheduled on time

But other announcements are more dire


I hear an announcement

for a delayed Air Japan flight to Tokyo:


“The plane will be sitting on the tarmac

for awhile.

We advise passengers of this flight

To use the bathroom before boarding.”


Sound advice

and to think of all those times

we mocked our parents

for asking

“Did you go to the bathroom yet?”


“Use the bathroom now; we’re not stopping.”

Think of all the embarrassing moments

they spared us in our youth.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Airports are so entertaining. I'd say I could sit there for hours but unfortunately--all too often--I have sat there for hours.

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Wait Time

I've only flown about 10 times and never experienced a delay. I feel the minutes ticking for you - cool sharin' - slc



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I like airports sort of. 

I like airports sort of.  It's the actual getting cramped into the plane that annoys me.  Hope you get to travel anywhere you wish to see.  thanks for commenting.