I drink to thee, Edgar Allan Poe

I drink to thee, F Scott Fitzgerald

I pour another drink

& keep this grand delusion alive.

It’s a little more than I can stand.


The words blur across the page

forming some unique, hectic rhythm

I sustain myself in this grandeur

with the bottle half full-half empty.


Not knowing the consequences

Misled by false advertisements

& watching opportunities slip by.

Recklessly pursuing the dream

crowded within this toxic aura


The flavor is bitter & wretched

but the words do flow out

and the pages are endlessly filled

and vision struggles to be realized


and hence the funk continues

as I drink to thee, Dylan Thomas

and I drink to thee, Brendan Behan.

Eternally this vice seems to heed

the inspiration for such verse.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

previously published in a chapbook called "Just When You Thought it Was Safe to Do Poetry Again.

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I Read It 3X

I worship at the altar of poems

about poetry as process. Best is not

superlative enough. 



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I generally wear my

I generally wear my influences on my sleeve.  I always hope that I can introduce people to literature and poetry that they may not already know.  "We may not need poetry but men die miserably every day for lack of what they would find in it." William Carlos Williams.