The Blue Lagoon was gorgeous 

and invigorating.

I almost want to live there.


I figure I could mutate

into some sort of creature

with gills that can survive underwater

& be a tourist attraction:

The Creature from the Blue Lagoon.


I’d only surface intermittently 

to scare the dickens 

out of small children and drunks

until the myth is born.


I could lurk beneath the surface

chuckling as drunkards are viewed 

as clinically insane

and small children are scolded

for telling tall tales.


I think it could work

If the Black Lagoon 

can have a creature

then why can’t the Blue Lagoon?


We’re not gonna discriminate are we?


Author's Notes/Comments: 

well now we're just getting silly but it's always good to have a few light moments.

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allets's picture

Sounds Really Sci-Fy To Me

This is how folk tales are born. Some poet mentions gills and hollywood gets intersted. I too have a blue lagoon visit under my feet - Did a cruise and hit the Islands. Did not want to leave for real! psst: Definitely room for one more, but the creature from the black lagoon will always be my heart throb. He rocks! :)



Stephen's picture

Probably some dark and smelly creature.