It’s after 1:00 AM

and I’m sitting on a wooden bench

outside the airport.


It’s a rainy, drizzly night

but surprisingly not stifling;

an occasional pleasant, cool breeze


There’s a stray cat roaming about

the departure and arrival area.

He’s wet and makes

an unsuccessful bid to break it.


He meows at me for sympathy

but I have no response

and nothing to give.

I have 7 hours before flying.


It would appear
that neither one of us

put a lick of quality thought

into our game plan tonight.






Author's Notes/Comments: 

I had a lot of time to kill waiting for a morning flight out of Aime Cesaire International Airport.  But if you're idling at an airport named after a poet, the least you can do is write a poem.

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We Should Name Our Airports After Poets

It was the most appropo thing to do. :)




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Thanks for the warmth

Thank you for letting me think about a warm place and thinking and wondering curiously what brought you to an airport at 1 am? Thats the intrigue of this poem that had to be written



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thanks for reading and

thanks for reading and commenting.  I had limited transportation options to get to the airport for an early morning flight due to various circumstances.  It would have been difficult to get a cab at 3 or 4 in the morning and I was starting from a significant distance.  I'm used to international airports that are usually open 24 hours and often even have a place to get a donut and coffee.  But you live and learn.  I'd like to think that this circumstance won't arise again but we all know it will.

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I told a friend I’d pick him up from the airport but timing with a Christmas party was going to either make him wait or come to the party and meet all my family. He said I can entertain  myself at the airport thinking like you and abject against the horror of meeting my grown children and ex husband lol. He ended up at the party instead of a cold bench.