I don’t need no stinking costume!


A man my age

dress like I do:

Dali prints on trucker caps

Caribbean drinks on shirt

Psychedelic skullfuck hoodie.


I frighten the bejesus

out of the young’uns just fine

just the way I am.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

My Dia de los Muertos poem--granted a few hours late.

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That is Funny

"bejesus" is a great word! The folder is fabulous: Bathroom Graffiti.



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much thanks.

much thanks.

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So, you wear costume everyday then? Me too. Course, it's pretty boring most of the time. I play a character who wears the same clothes everyday for at least a week. I wear different hats or coats depending on the weather. Sometimes, if we're really having fun, i put on some colored hair. Course, i don't really scare that many people. Unless I wear that one hat...

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I have quite an array of

I have quite an array of caps, hats, shirts, hoodies etc.  I only scare the children whose parents tell them to be afraid.  Most of the kids (and most dogs) like me if they don't have adult supervision telling them otherwise.  Thanks for commenting.

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I bet you have some pretty

I bet you have some pretty cool hats, shirts, hoodies, etc. 

Personally, i trust dogs more than most people. 

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