They’re all so pretty;

smiling all the time.

It’s great to be welcome

and I look forward

to seeing them.


I get the warm greetings;

the hugs and a few kisses

but they’re just being kind

to an old man.


I see you winking at me

thinking I’m a sly old man;

suspecting I’m secretly rich.


Thanks for giving me credit

to think that I could

but they’re all just friends.


I don’t have the energy

or the ambition.

I need a nap

just thinking about it.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

more of life's great cruelty.

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allets's picture

A Day In The Life

Sometimes we want to be what people think, sometimes not, usually more not than yes. "nap"? I heard that! :D

              BLACK LIVES MATTER!

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It's bad when the nap becomes

It's bad when the nap becomes the priority.