I didn’t spring

for the international chip 

deluded myself

into thinking I could use

the hotel or barroom wifi.


Instead I found myself

off the grid;

my phone stuck

in the wrong time zone

and no access—

no calls in or calls out

no internet.


I could still take pictures

but all lines of communication

were closed to me


“Woo Hoo!”

was my first thought

off the grid will be peaceful.

and 96 hours later

the battery was sitting at 64%.


I was out of touch

and it was divine;

so quiet and peaceful

I really must do this more often.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Being completely offline for 100 hours. I still get a tear in my eye.  It was so beautiful.

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allets's picture

Away From The The

Nice. Sometimes tune out and tune in to you...that's a vacation. :D



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100 hundred hours of bliss. 

100 hundred hours of bliss.  Thanks for dropping by.

Morningglory's picture

<3 i love off grid so much.

off grid still brings me the innerweb. 

but dang, it sure was nice during those times even my phone wouldn't tune in and we were out in the woods around hot springs

that was the life. 


it really is nice not feeling any of the grid vibrations


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the camera was all I really

the camera was all I really needed.  It was so peaceful.  Thanks for reading.