Egill Skallasgrimsson

was a noble Viking warrior

& titular star of his own saga;

slayer of Eric Bloodaxe’s son.


Egill fearlessly pillaged

& plundered

took on the mighty sea;

slayed royalty for vengeance


And now provides the name 

for a beer and beverage company

in Iceland

making trendy beverages flow.


So now effete beer geeks like me

can ponder the nuances

of three different IPA’s 

and assign a rating for each one.


Hate to scare you, people,

but the transformation

from Leif Ericsson to Leif Garrett

is reaching the final stages.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

'nuff said

allets's picture

Viking Lore

Not quiet Thor or Ragnar

or Hollywood's version of  Aegir (also a brewing company)

but it does go  down smooth

for officianados of beer.


              BLACK LIVES MATTER!

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The wussification of beer? Or

The wussification of beer? Or Icelandic Sagas?  You decide which is right.