As I waltz through my life

whiling away hours, weeks,

years & even decades

I never found a shortage

of certain undesirable sorts.


There seems to be 

an asshole lurking

under every rock

& a bitch to be found

around any old corner.


The cretins aren’t coming.

They’re already here

They appear out of the mist

when you least expect them

always willing to lend a hurting hand.


There’s no longer any surprise

in finding someone new

only to learn they are not dependable.

You’re only an afterthought

they never truly care for.


As I get older

I find I have fewer friends

and more casual acquaintances

and that’s very much by design

as I try to keep my life real.


I’d rather be surrounded

by those relatively special few

that I know I can count on

than have thousands of false friends

valued at a dime a dozen.




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It's A Sign

The world is full of assholes and bitches, I have always known this but never said it out loud. Excuse me a moment, I am going to have an FM moment and scream that out the window. Ahhhh. That felt good. - slc



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There's also a lot of

There's also a lot of beautiful people and a lot of decent people that have been beaten down.  It just seems that the idiots are the ones that approach me first.

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I second that.

im the same way.


i have since gained much more enjoyment of life 

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It's best to keep your

It's best to keep your friends close and your enemies closer--casual acquaintances can be kept further away.

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I hope

Hoping I don't have people considering me enemy and keeping me closer. That would really suck. I'm just a dumbass people pleaser who tends to lay down like a door mat. 

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and we wouldn't have you any

and we wouldn't have you any other way.  Just don't let too many people walk over you.

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Someday I'm gonna pick myself up off the floor and hang myself on the wall as a sign that says welcome home.

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