Riding gondola

observing moon and the stars

unashamed blinking.


Riding gondola

seeing village below

peaking between trees.


Riding gondola

staring straight down to the ground

possum running by.


Riding gondola

on a still too cool morning

glance at rising sun.


Riding gondola

chatting with Oklahomans

comparing home towns.


Riding gondola

on crystal clear; cool evening

enjoying moonlight.


Riding gondola

enjoying the mountain view

and the snow capped peaks.


Riding gondola

hikers trekking on the trails

getting exercise.


Riding gondola

1:00AM; up & over

mountain in darkness.


Riding gondola

gasping in high altitude

getting to the town.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

a series of haiku based on the free gondola between the town of Telluride and Mountain Village in Colorado.

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