Be nice to me

I gave blood today

reads the sticker 

stuck on my shirt


which I get to wear

because, I did, 

in fact,

give blood today.


Got hooked up 

and had a pint of blood

extracted from my body

and moved into a plastic bag.


I’m more accustomed 

to throwing pints

down orally

but that’s another story

for another day.


But I’ll be accredited

with saving a life

for my simple task

of donating a pint.


and then I remember

there’s a poetry reading

in town tonight

and I consider

heading down to read.


But I decide against it


since you’re not allowed

to give blood twice

in the same day.






Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have donated blood around 16-18 times.  If you're healthy enough to do it; I implore you to make the donation.  You donate your own blood type so the life you save could ultimately end up being your own.

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Blood And Poetry

A sticker well earned - slc