I didn’t get to spend

much time in Panama City—

just a late night overnight

layover between Newark and San Jose.

I was just hanging out in bars

killing off time.


I was wearing a Phillies cap

right after the World Series win.

This earned me 

a few new amigos.

Apparently, Carlos Ruiz

is Panamanian

so they adopted my home team.


He was clutch in the series

and he was coming thru

for me in a foreign country.


I had a lot of fun

mixing up dollars and balboas

and drinking beer.

I was at a TGIF

but with loud salsa music

and chicas hermosa

dancing on tables.


They were flirting with me—

or more probably—

having fun at my expense.


I didn’t care.

I had 7 hours to kill

before racing back to the airport

and damned if the time

wasn’t flying by.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Mr October was a nickname for Reggie Jackson due to world series heroics.  Our Phillies catcher Carlos Ruiz was clutch for the team during the wonderful 2008 championship run.  Hence the title.

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I love connections like that. Ground you can stand on together and smile. - slc



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It was a fun town.  The

It was a fun town.  The Panamanians like to joke that Panama City is a lot like Miami except more people speak English.