Sitting in the car

I’m listening to him brag

about poetry


and  I am qite

reflective and slightly ill

and biding my time


I’m nursing a beer

and absorbing all the sounds

that linger in air


but for subtle grace

I retain my solitude

Even hid the crowd


Every syllable

takes on grand importanc

as the word counts rise



created in haiku form

for display of skill


Catch my second wind

just about 30 seconds

before my reading


and I were dead on

and I took the kid to school

despite malady.


Make a great headline

in poetry newspapers

if they existed.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

poem written as a series of haiku

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allets's picture

I Can Guess

It took a lot of counting on fingers - I read it the first time and did not get haiku. Glad you told us. All those syllables - marvelous venture. Nursing a beer - haven't heard that phrase in a while. Off to find one to nurse :D - slc



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I really loved reading this. Not quite sure what it is. But I enjoyed it...alot.

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