Douchebag Donnie has entered

our collective consciousness.


You would think this was

a cheesy character

populating a novel

written by William Burroughs.


It could be the junkie

desperately offering hand jobs

for a five dollar bag.


It could be the low level con artist

peddling snake oil

guaranteed to cure what ails you


Maybe it’s the guy in the flophouse

who always begs for a spare cigarette

and tattles on everyone

who sneaks a drink now and then.


It could be an exterminator

who gets hooked on the bug juice

or the guy nobody trusts.


Yet somehow

in the Bizarro version of the universe

that has emerged;

Douchebag Donnie

 ends up being president.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


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from Superman - nice balancing act there. May some really smart, energetic, honest person run and capture the vote of everyone to keep the world safe and the rhetoric tuned down. :D

Lady A

Morningglory's picture

if only they had chosen a different kind of clown

I really would have liked a pony.


Vermin Supreme

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