Graffiti in dba bathroom:

Cigar smokers are men

who want to suck cock 

but are too afraid."


That's good

 I admit my wit is failing me.

I'm drawing a blank

& I pose no retort.


I guess this does

explain a lot of things.

I always did seem

to notice a strong response

from gay men 

whenever I fired up a stogie.


maybe there is

something to this claim.


I never have been very good

at reading signals 

or following cues presented to me.


But it all seems silly

at a certain point

to focus on any little thing 

that can turn dirty.

I always thought ghosts

could only haunt

one house at a time

but apparently 

Freud's ghost is everywhere.


A thing must be

 a phallic symbol

if it's longer

than it's wide

in the view of some people.


But even Freud admitted

that sometimes a cigar

is just a cigar.


Maybe we shoud all

(male or female)
be able to stick something

in our mouths without

it being a phallic symbol.


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Carrots And Celery Stalks

Sometimes a phallic symbol is just a phallic symbol :D & ;)