What do you call them?
Your demons you say?
Can't let yourself love me
Can't let yourself hold me
Can't let yourself breathe me
That way

You waltz into my life
You capture my soul
Fascinating creature you are

Couldn't stop that kiss
When you gently touched my cheek
I should have run,
I shouldn't have something to miss.
You told me you couldn't let me leave
without that.

So, I left with it
And came back for more
You waited at the end of the drive
You're smile lit up the night
And you opened my door....

You asked me to fall for you
Your eyes said it all
Your hands made that call
Your lips said the words I already saw.

Then all of the sudden
You have demons.
Your heart is dark
You want to run
"This is your kingdom come"

Well, let me tell you something
Let me scream it in your ear
Let my tie it on a string.
I don't care about your fear.

There are many fish in the sea
many races to start
I would rather be alone
I already gave you my heart.

My words came crashing down
And everything fell apart
I'd rather be alone
Cause I already gave you my heart.

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Very well written!!! I could

Very well written!!! I could feel the emotion you put in to this!