The ending ought to be the beginning

He creeps blindly

In a world of monsters

That scream his name unkindly

And he’s afraid

‘cause the million screams

That he’s heard

Are not only in his dreams

All the colours fade away

When the sun rises

For a new miserable day

Nobody hears his thought

‘cause if they knew

There wouldn’t only be a few

That’d like to cast him out

Out of this universe

That fills him with doubt

He swims in despair

Losing control, feeling numb

He’s gasping for air

as he sinks into the depths

He thinks life’s not fair

The doctors prescribe him pills

That he should take against his will

Just so they add up to his bills

but the void they can not fill

Some say he’s become a junkie

But the only pills he’s addicted to

That make him feelin' funky

Are the ones no one sees

Anxiety is a drug

That makes his soul and body freeze

and sometimes it feels like a disease

There are more problems than reasons to smile

That invite demons in and let them stay a while

Caged creatures that struggle to find

An exit in the deepest corners of his mind

What happens when even demons fear

that they can’t leave when they want?

And they begin to shed a tear

as they scream for help

Requests to set them free

A plan that assures their liberty

They begin with the killing spree

But it doesn’t work

So they make friends

With the host

Because it’s common sense

They grow tired, they stop to cry

And the only solution it seems

Is one last present: a special tie

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm sorry if that poem made you depressed or too thoughtful. It's just what came out of my mind at 03:13 am.

FuriousIce's picture

I really enjoyed this. A lot

I really enjoyed this. A lot of imagery and loved how all of the internal battle(s) is personified with the demons.

JAuman117's picture

I think this is pretty tight.

I think this is pretty tight. There is a lot of feeling in this. Kinda dark but that's okay. It totally worked. Plus no one ever considers that the demons don't even want to be trapped in a persons head.