One Chant

Dusk's Rule

Latest news shows a trinket of morality, 

Arguments about all ageless asynchronisms,

Quietly growing decades past, lethality,

Wielding corrupted justice to activism,


We need one purpose, one chant,


The old puppet masters need their strings cut,

Or else we lose bright futures to small few,

Working in shadows, but now see their strut,

Come to together and be the potent brew!


Chant, E-O, E-O, End Oligarchy!

E-O, E-O, End Oligarchy!


They hire their scapegoats for us to vote,

Burying the axe, wedge the small disparities,

It should be one goal and that is to demote,

Together in our similarities,


E-O, E-O, End Oligarchy!


A web designed to make you feel righteous,

Fighting with those who are all much the same,

Instead aim above, make them feel anxious,

Know who took your homes, where to place true blame!


E-O, E-O!

E-O, E-O!

End Oligarchy!


See now your fellow broken, battered kin,

Suffering all the same under one mask,

Ignore embarassment, no more chagrin,

Together march as one, for one grand task!


E-O, E-O!

End Oligarchy!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The news taunts you with issues about our rights, our moralities, what's wrong with the world, while the wealthy commit crimes against you and your neighbors--stealing homes, money, your children's futures, while attempting to make you believe that it's the fault of your neighbor. 


You have more in common with those of "differing views" than those telling you they share your beliefs.  


Be caught not with a minor offense, or prison is your home. 

Be caught with a major offense, wealthy, perhaps house arrest, or a small fine.  

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Would be nice to hear your views in the prose section from time to time. This poem reflects the times that are not new, just exposed. As the once empowered get shut out, the tell-all will obliterate the pulled curtain and freed information (transparently) will become norm vs exception. Disenfranchising the intellegensia in any country leads to . . . revolution. We're sooooo due for a turn-around in emphasis on values and priorities. Start with tariffs to protect U.S. companies. Just start somewhere! ~Lady A~