Eight Whole Minutes

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The rays of the sun take

eight minutes

to travel the ninety-three million miles

it takes to reach Earth.

They are already coming –

have been for millions of years.

In the very beginning,

the first time the sun ever fired up

when the planets

were just figuring out their orbits,

the world was dark for eight minutes.

But back then there was no one to wish

for the light.

No one to turn their

eyes to the sky and hope.

The oceans

existed only as vapor drifting through

the infant air.

Lava covered most of

our surface.

But is it possible to think

that when the sun's light first


the soil

and water

and fire

the tiniest of bacteria felt

its warmth,

stretched out his little


and smiled?

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March 2008

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Afzal Shauq's picture

emtional and soul touching poem is this too... hope you read my poems as before and let me know if you still love my poetry or not