Don't Speak

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know so well

how your voice twists and turns me how

your arms melt me

through your ribs

and into your heart

(Where I can’t seem to breathe)

You’re the boy who

knows so well

how insane

and in love

I am

with your

intense beauty.

And when you cry

I know you love me too


And when you smile

I wonder how I could

or ever have

lived without you.

I feel

I can not be

close enough

your lips lost in my hair

my face lost

in your slow chest

(remind me to breathe)

You have sunken into me

and I do not know how to love

any other way...

Don’t speak, baby.

Lets hold these moments close.

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Afzal Shauq's picture

omg... its again a good one to inspire my heart and soul both.... best one