The Chameleon

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“So beautiful. She’s got the looks.”

It’s announced, as if everyone can’t see for themselves.

Reads, writes, has her head in the books.

She’ll go to college one day.

She’ll make us proud.

So very proud.

When the door closes softly behind her,

All composure is lost.

Her beautiful smile shatters

She falls...                                




Her lungs are like jellyfish

Yet somehow she breathes

Living her lie to near perfection

Attempting to attain something that doesn’t truly exist:


She places Personality on the shelf

In the back

Gathering dust behind Bra Size and Figure

She is brilliance.

And though her smile can melt the most frigid of hearts

Her mind can astound the most vivid of imaginations.

But in the end, that doesn’t matter.

If she were to show her true colors...

Would anyone understand?

She stays the chameleon, heard but not observed. Not truly seen.

Meant to blend in.

A butterfly trapped in a jar.

Frightened, confused.

Unwilling to let down her peers by imperfectness.

Unable to accept disappointment.

She gives herself pep talk in the early hours

Just to get out of bed

Just to drag her weary soul


In a energetic exterior

From class to class.

She’s frightened of the future

Neglectful of the past

Holding herself back.

She whispers she’s torn up on the inside

Can’t think - only worry.

Playing tug of war with her emotions

“I want to do something important... Get on TV..

I want to be able to go up to him..”

She says softly

Her eyes red from tears

“And say, ‘Look at me. Look how far I’ve gone -

and I did it without you.’”

And I know she will.

Whether or not she goes to college

Whether or not she has imperfections

Or keeps her head in the books

Or has the incredible looks

Or has money

Or fame

Because she’s already made the first step.

She’s made us proud.

So very proud.

And we know

She is brilliance.

© Laura Stevens 2007

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forgeteden's picture

Beautiful, sad, and happy at the same time. Good work. :)