Into The Night


Why is it that the night calls me so?

To come out and play is all that I know.

To spin and twirl beneath the starry sky

Barefoot and giddy while the moon is high.

Why is it that the sunshine's so tame?

So bright and burning this incredible flame.

I sleep in the day and prowl in the dark

Swim through the night like a ravenous shark.

Come play with me while the moon is round

Spin through the air and dance on the ground.

Then return once more when the day is dawning

To your cozy beds, tired and yawning.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote this on a full moon. I was restless. 2006

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forgeteden's picture

I love dancing on full moons. They always make me hyper and happy, I really don't know why.