Sweet Sleep


So tired... My mind is bromidic

But I know I cannot attain this - out of reach

The bile ascending my throat is acidic

Can no one help me, I must beseech?

Pass into my dreams where I'm secure

In which I do not have to fear desertion

The thought itself contains so much allure

My mind permits its own immersion

And when I dream I am at peace

I bet I smile with eyes closed tight

Such a calm and loving release

A repose in which all becomes right

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In the past, I've been a major insomniac. Sleep during the day, stay up all night. It's not a good thing when you go to school like I do. I wrote this on one of those nights.
Later I found out the reason for my sleeping patterns was because of the medication I was on. Go Figure! :) 2006

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forgeteden's picture

I love the feeling of being able to sleep when you haven't slept in a long time... I love this poem, I can relate to it.