Our Mark


Darkness... Everlasting

The night is now gone

No more sunlight,

There will be no dawn

Helpless and angry

We all blame someone else

Looking for a scapegoat

Anyone but ourselves

And yet when the monsters come

Our hearts begin to quake

The bile of panic rises

our knees begin to shake

We cannot escape

We stumble in the dark

Our fate is our fault

For we had left our mark.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

If we're not careful, one day there will be no more trees. One day the pollution will shroud our world, and the sun will not be able to penetrate it. Then, a new species will be born, and we'll no longer be the top of the food chain. :) Think about it. 2005

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forgeteden's picture

This reminded me of a doomsday poem. I've started up a new poem about doomsday/the appocolypse that I am going to post soon. :D