Aspirin Hurricane



Tiny clouds

In a liquid sky


Flat and white


On the solid

Clear ground

Of the tumbler

Glassy sides

Like the windows

Of its skyscraper confines

In a small city

Larger clouds




Floating just beneath the surface

Of their nonexistant route to freedom

Before shrinking



Into nothing

But the wet white sky

No more

Turbulent clouds

The end

For my Aspirin Hurricane

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Snow Fall

first it rains all day
now it's snowing

it falls so openly
so freely before me

if only i could catch just one
to put it in my drawer
as a keepsake of this moment

watching each snowflake
in its own unique design
land on my hands
melting quickly as it came

why does it have to melt
why can't it stay all year round

if i could have just one
i would give it to you instead

for this is a memory to cherish
one to never forget

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Ruined Planet

The grandeur of the mountains,

the glimmer of a stream,

sleepy in the sunlight

trees that stand and dream,

distant snow that glistens

so white against sky blue,

cattle in green pasture

which sparkles with fresh dew.

That is how God made it

for mankind to enjoy,

but in our great stupidity

its wonders we destroy.

Big business is prime culprit

ruled by selfish greed,

raping earth's resources

far beyond our need.

ripping out huge forests

without a thought or care,

leaving for tomorrow

no canopy to share.

Tankers drop their cargoes

of oil along clean shore,

disaster for the wildlife,

clean habitat no more.

Our ozone is depleted,

our streams polluted too.

The ice caps all are melting

so disaster will ensue.

We build our wonderous cities,

filling them full of crime.

We never think or reason,

we haven't got the time.

Governmental summits

talk freely of the need

to curb slide to disaster,

then selfishly don't heed.

Words are all they offer,

their hand upon the till,

money their prime object.

ruination proceeds still.        

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Rain and Water

Silence, serenity, tranquility and stillness

It keeps the water from moving with the wind

No sounds, no disturbances, no illness

Nothing to disturb the state it is in

And this calm water will hold the thought

Of contentment and the peace which all has sought

Some look at the calming waters and reflect into their souls

And think about life and how sometimes it holds still

And as the clouds roll in, the rain starts pouring in woes

That one remembers and hits them giving their bodies a chill

They rain disturbed the calmness of the waters causing ripples

Problems that one endures like when their dream becomes crippled

The rain falls harder and harder and making the water move

Slowly at first, the storm like a fight, it starts

It beats the still surface penetrating it to prove

That one drop can carry on the fighters' hearts

Nothing is easy and there are disagreements and high walls

Every drop beating upon the last growing violent as the rain falls

Water is content when it holds still

And so violent when it has the will


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I watched you in your
Roses growing every-
Flowers were so lovely
Perfume filled the air
Touching them so
Creating a bouquet
Tied with yellow
So they would'nt blow
As I left the garden
On that summer day
I turned and looked  
once more
Then slowly walked
I love your beautiful
So happy I would be
If I were the rosebud
You touched so

(c) copyright heather burns

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Still be the water

No movement in the air

Silence is heard

Or is it not?

Liquid glass shines

Cool reflection

Perfectly unlined.

Dead is the calm of day

Absence of life around

No echo’s to surround.


Nothing is left

All is gone

Life no longer exists.

Are we aware

Of nothingness?

Vapors wet and light

Still no weight to show

To create circles of dew

Only glass to show

Has earth consumed

What no longer exists?

Or is it the beginning

Of a new ripple?

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Glued to the wall

Running a downward flow

Shiny tiny lights

Deflected light glow

Round and perfect

No flaws in the design

No imperfections

Of any kind

Transparent image

With inflated color

Picked up from

The undercover

Cold and bulbous

In it’s time

Soon to run

Into a line

Of matching form

To create a bond

Of new dimension

In it’s time.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sick of the rain..what else to do than to write about it..

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The heavy rain

Seeping, seeking, soaking

No dove can weather the deluge


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Power within

Blowing  so hard

Where does it end

Where does it start

Bigger than life

No mercy it shows

It comes at you fast

And forces you to go.

It controls your life

And shows you your size

You are but a mite

That has to run and hide

With force so hard

It can move a whole ocean

It comes at you fast

With a violent motion,

Hard as it forces

The water within

It consumes the whole area

And  makes strong trees bend.

Homes are destroyed

As if it were a game

Their size becomes toy

To the fury so vain

Flooding becomes

The creeper at bay

Which quickly turns

The green grass gray.

No more to be

The place as it was

Land becomes sea

From the wind above

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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