Perfection. What IS perfect?

People always go around saying:

"My god! That's PERFECT!" Or "You're so perfect."

But do they really know what perfect is?

Think about it.

If someone were to be perfect, they would be immensely beautiful... And incredibly hideous. They would be skinny and fat, short and tall. They'd be good at playing sports, and a complete klutz. They would use all and none of their brain. They would make good choices. They'd make bad choices. They would be marvelously kind, and a total asshole.They would love everyone, and hate everyone.

Because, you see... Everyone's vision of what 'perfect' is is different.

They'd appear and act different to every single individual they met - And they would not have a personality or appearance of their own.

They'd not be human.

Perfection simply does not exist.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yea. I'm going to make a rant section...2006

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Rot Face's picture

Ah, here I have to disagree, perfection exists, as our only method of existence. There's nothing else around us besides perfection, I am perfect, you are perfect. I we were not, we would not be the way we are, after all the universe cannot be fallible.
On the one hand, I understand what you're trying to say, but you have to see that this concept applies even in your model of perfection, there's only one way things could be, and they are that way, possibilities merely sprout to actualities and fade to memories.

Nic Grainger's picture

or perhaps just a little perfection exists in all of us.