Sidewalk Girls


Close your mouth,
You can stop saying you're sorry,
Because I don't blame you,
For proving the truth,
That I am repulsive.

If all it took,
Was the ability to curve my fingers,
Into my flesh,
I'd strip away everything I ever ate,
That hangs off my body,
And hides the Anorexic within me.

All I ever want,
Is to be just as gorgeous,
As the sidewalk girls,
Maybe then you can grace my presence,
With your wandering eyes.

If all it took,
Was a razor to my skin,
I'd write poetry on my body,
And maybe you'll see,
How bad you hurt me,
With just your ignorance.

But I don't blame you,
For the tickling words,
That aggravate my senses,
Bittersweet temptations,
That strangle my heart.

I starve myself and tear up my skin,
And fall in love with my scars,
While you drift in your false reality,
Fallen for sidewalk girls.

Never realizing how invisible you make me feel...

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do you ever want to just

do you ever want to just punch them in the face?

seriously tho, I love how you didn't pretty up the poem. It's real raw feelings, I really respect that in a poet.

hopefully you write poetry on this site rather than your body (tho that line was epic!)

Much Love


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Sadly I do - its a bad

Sadly I do - its a bad addiction I cant get rid of. And yes, I want to beat the crap out of all of them!

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I like how you didn't go out

I like how you didn't go out of your way to include a Rhyme scheme in it, it makes it seem a lot more natural and emphasizes the way you would pass these girls or they would pass you, and that when things in life make you feel uncomfortable, you often don't have a lot of time to dress them up and make them seem nice and tidy, sometimes you just have to take things as you see them. As blurred or as sad as that may well be. I'm going to check out some more of your poems while I'm here, I'm looking forward to them!

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Thanks for the comment! And

Thanks for the comment! And you're totally right. I mean, usually when something's bothering me I don't take the time to fancy up my poems I suppose. I guess its kind of like the whole ordeal exhausts me enough, so the poem itself needs to seem exhausted.

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It really gets that effect

It really gets that effect across great. Its kinda like a Hemmingway feel to it. ^_^ Hope you have something nice to write about soon lol