Take the blade from these bloodied up hands

I don't want to live anymore...

These eyes shed tears for a heart I am to break

For this heart has already been destroyed before

Do you think it could break anymore?

I deserve these wounds, these broken promises

For my heart to be torn until it exists no more

And with this blackened thorn I fall

Whispering my final words to you

Through lips that will never be kissed again...

I love you... I say, but I am undeserving

Please, I beg of you to kill my heart

I dont want to go through this pain anymore

I lost him, and my heart does not care

Because I have your embrace to cover that up with

So slay my love and give me up

I cant love you this way, nobody this way

For I need to be punished...

I am undeserving...

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foxgloves's picture

Hm. You think you do not deserve other people's love? Or one person in specific?