Among The Shadows

2005 or older

As dawn creates a vision, I try not to remember the day,

I am insulted by your agony, I can't sleep anymore,

And desires can't soothe me, nor can your voice,

It is just too hard to live my life in this world,

I try to make sense of this, but cannot surface,

Outside my prison cell, I dare not weep.

As this black magic escapes my soul, I wont cry,

Even if this pain is just too unbearable,

And I will bleed for you until you stop me,

The sound of splitting flesh devours me in it's eternal darkness,

And white smoke surrounds my cries of pain,

And through the cracks in my windows, the light bleeds through.

My white sheets stain in small puddles of red,

And the maddening humming of the pipe grows louder,

There is no-one around to make much sense of all this,

The sprinkling music of the rain will never soothe me again,

The clouds I cannot seem to see through this silence,

And the air feels thick, like water, as I struggle to breathe.

This pain I cannot share with anyone but myself,

The flashing of the storm lights up the black night sky,

The shadows take over me, and try to destroy me,

My sight gets blurry and I can't see what is around me,

This is no accident, I did this upon myself,

Because I do not want you to think about me.

My screams, so distant, fill my room but never leave,

As all the colors seem to fade into a gray blur,

A wet liquid trickles from my eyes, and onto the floor,

And the wickedness of the world around me watches me,

I could never end this heartache, nor can I defeat it,

As I think of you once more, the whole world goes black.

And my distant cries of pain will never be heard again...

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foxgloves's picture

"..through the cracks in my windows, the light bleeds through"
Love it.
This one's dark and eerie. I love it. And about the pipes? Who would have thought of that?! Awesome!