I'm Sorry


The only way I can tell myself to wake up inside

Is if I paint my arms scarlet

With messages to you, written ever so clearly

I reach out to a vast image of you, only to catch air

So dark, so pure...

I'm scared to be in love with you.

Do you see how your arms fit around mine?

How our hearts touch closely every time we embrace?

It doesn't make sense why I should keep this love a secret

I want to tell the world!

I love you! I need you and I want you, so bad!

But theres something stopping me

Its my heart, pounding on my chest

I need to feel the pain to know I'm alive

I found why I am unhappy

Its because I need YOU! Nobody else!

I fall to my knees and beg for you...

Please look at me...

Cant you see you cause me pain?

This pain is bearable, at least by the blade

I wont cry, no... I'm too strong for that

As long as I have you near, nothing can harm me

Look at me with deep diamond eyes

And tell me that you need me too...

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foxgloves's picture

Powerful. Hun - there's no need to feel guilty. One cannot help who they love. It's inevitable.