Waking Up


If I had to give up something, it'd be the ability to see

For the world around me is so fucked up and so completely ugly

Id rather live in darkness to have never lived at all

How can one large world hold a body this small?

If I had to give up something, it'd be to feel the pain

For I hate being involved in this ever lasting game

Id rather live in emptiness to have never lived a life

Feeling blood slide down my fingertips from this very knife...

If I had to give up love, then Id loose the life I live

For that would be my greatest wound and my greatest sin

Id rather live in loneliness then to have never loved a soul

For thats what makes our hearts live out, and grow...

If I had to give up life, then thats just what I'd do

For it'd give me time to think about the pain I'm going through

Id rather hold the hand of death if that is what I must

Than cradle myself in a corner before the waking dust...

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foxgloves's picture

"...hold the hand of death..." That part stuck with me.