2005 or older

Something is hidden deep in my mind,

Something so far away, it cant see the light,

Making it all so foggy and unpleasant,

Making it hard to take flight,

Black birds mocking my every move,

Forcing me to give in,

But I will never give up this chance,

Even if I'm showered in sin,

As I follow my instincts in search for something,

I cannot find, but my heart's still beating,

Striving to make it, I don't understand,

Why my palms take eternal bleeding,

I will not rest till my duties are done,

I cannot stand, I cannot sleep,

But in this premature state of mind,

I cannot wait to weep.

Lies, all lies in the hands of fate,

A design so perfect, so meek,

I will not cry, I will not die,

For I am not so weak,

Take out my heart, and steal my mind,

Never give into the pain,

The pain that you take, when your life is at state,

And never let them prove you insane.

If this lies at the end of the world,

Even if this is so,

I will fight for the end, just for you,

And I will finally free my soul,

I will tell you this one final time,

For I did not survive,

Evil still lurks out in the land,

If it wasn't for you... I would die,

But I'm already dead, yes... thats what I said,

An angel with no wings...

An angel that cant sing...

An angel that will wait for you.

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foxgloves's picture

"but in this infernal state of mind
i cannot wait to weep"
This one really hit me. And I'm not sure why.

Dan Wilson's picture

Kinda confusing, but good.