Life Vaccine

The moon is waning and so am I
Strings of my heart pulling like the tide
Sallow skin taut against my unsteady pulse,
sheltering me from the chill of the world.
Someone is calling, but all I hear is the
pump pump p pump beating against my veins,
Blood rushing to my fingers, to my toes,
anywhere to escape my heart.
My life is rattling against my bones,
a hollow wail to be freed..
The air is making me nauseaous,
I open my eyes to my name
The man in white asks me if I am alright
as he sets the needle on the countertop, but
The lights are too bright
The noises are too loud
The world is in motion but my heart is still.
Silence envelops my soul
Murder, they'll cry. A crime.
Poisoned, what a death to face.
What agony, they'll weep.
So young, so innocent..
Never to know the reasons why.
They did not see me, only a ghost.
Just another lost soul.
But you, saw straight through
A needle straight through my heart
Once inside, never to leave.
You're a disease, the way you stay.
Poison pulsing through my veins
Killing every piece of me.
This bed is a coffin,
This room is a grave
My heart is long since buried,
my mind slowly will decompose
You'll laugh, you'll laugh
The last I will hear.
Never to know, never to know
Are you the cure or the disease?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It doesn't really flow from beginning to end, but I didn't feel like trying to make it =P

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