Calling To the Chill

I can't tell you how to live your life...
        ...just to live it.

And the words freeze to my lips
Unspoken pleas in the night,
Silent reaching across the distance
Trying to find again, the light.

Hand pressed against the window,
Searching for a child, lost in the black
She's out in the cold where she does not belong
I can't find the strength to bring her back.

But oh, how I'd give everything,
Every ounce of strength in my breath
If I knew I could pull her back to safety,
Away from this undeserving death.

Does she not see beyond the shadows?
That she is beauty, here in peace
Hushed voice, calling to her weakly...
Tell me, when will this crimson crying cease?

..if I could find the words to bring you back....[why can't you see? You're worth so much more...]

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To a friend who was doing things she should not be...

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