Starlit Rain

Paint my dreams in mystery
With diamond dusted glow
Drip them with moonlit pearls
Casting stars across eternity
Shimmering music in the night
Dressed in perfect harmony
Guiding gazes, perilous peeks
Sneaking glimpses at tomorrow
Magic lacing scents of roses
Stitching lashes of golden glow
Shining concrete angels' summer dew
Dazzle duos, cloudy skies
Mask art in simplistic splendor
Uncover secrets of untold tales
Laughing with echoing horizons
Dances of past charades
Whispering beams of sunlight
On morning grass in pale afternoon
Mocking peace in shadowy lines
Sketching faces of reckless dreams
Backward spins on spotted conformity
Dabbed life on to ghostly graves
Looking twice in shattered light
Reflecting mirrored borderlines
Down to the fall in passing sunrise
Catching hold of scribbled emotions
Snowflakes forming frameless shards
Melting into a broken haze
Wait by the misty water bend
For where winter's bloom may perch
Reminiscences of timeless starlight
In the soft autumn rain

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